is one of the leader companies in the field of automotive refinishes in the middle east and Africa, ROCK COATING was established in 2011 specialized in industrial coating up to 2017

Automotive refinishes

Breakthrough performance When it comes to speak about automotive refinishes, we mean durability, increasing performance and enhancing appearance

Automotive refinishes

ROCK COATING made perfection simple through continuous innovation and creativity with high talented R&D team and using latest technology methodology

Wood coating

Rock Coating wood coating products families are designed in the same manner of wood art, value and precious to add the beautiful touch and long-lasting bright appearance

Wood coating

so every can made with art and conscious to made the wood piece protected and beautiful for decades

Protective coating

Protective coating fights an implacable enemy, so ROCK COATING protective coating know the goals and innovate

Protective coating

and create a series of products more durable and high performance in some of the world most demanding condition and environment including civil infrastructure offshore, petrochemical, power, marine and new building.

Decorative coating

Decorative paint is the most growing market in the world and take a share of around 45% from the paint and coating market

Decorative coating

so Rock Coating decorative paint include a number of enhance durable and versatile color that meet the customer ambition and fulfill the market needs

Our Featured Services

Fire protection

Rock Coating has a product portfolio a great range for fire protection

Hygenic Coating

The perfect environment which leads to healthy life is highly required

Electric field

Since one of ROCK COATING owner is an electric engineer several products for electric field


Rock Coating Provide the market with a series of scratch resistance products


A lot of people need their vehicle looks full makeup so any small scratch

Quick Buffing

Rock Coating innovate high gloss and good gloss retention clear coat