About Us

ROCK COATING is one of the leader companies in the field of automotive refinishes

ROCK COATING is one of the leader companies in the field of automotive refinishes in the middle east and Africa, ROCK COATING was established in 2011 specialized in industrial coating up to 2017 after that we lunch our automotive refinishes products portfolio and export our goods to the whole world starting with the first country united states of America, then gulf region, north of Africa, east of Europe, turkey and India. In 2018 we start lunching our wood coating portfolio to serve the industrial sector and then the traditional market

Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh – CEO

Our Story

Our vision

Our Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental supervision, activities to benefit the society, and a commitment to build shareholder value by making ROCK COATING a truly sustainable company in addition to gaining the customers’ confidence which is totally achieved through the following stages

Before sales service

We have a high technical support team. This team is responsible for determining the suitable products considering quality, safety and price to reach the customers’ satisfaction.

During sales service

Quick responding and carrying out the customer requirement since receiving the purchasing order till delivering the goods in standard time with good quality at the right place.

After sales service

Providing the required technical support during and after selling t

he products through a high technical support specialized team having

extant training to do all elements of the after-sales service

Our Mission

In line with the company’s vision statement,

ROCK COATING mission is to be the leading company in our field in Egypt. We will accomplish this by exceeding the expectations of our customers while conserving resources  and        preserving the quality of the environment

Automotive refinishes

The highly sensitive coating and required nonstop innovation and creation, in ROCK COATING we have talented stuff to go side by side market trend and catch the latest technology in this field to meet our customer satisfaction

Our Professional Team

Kimberly Perez

Team Lead

Josie Buchanan

On-Site Lead

Albert Duncan